How can you tell if your frame is damaged?

How can you tell if your frame is damaged?

If you have been involved in a traffic accident, the most important concern is that you were able to walk away without serious injury. If so, then it’s time to assess damage to your vehicle. You might notice a dent or two but at first glance it doesn’t look that bad and you decide to keep driving the car and get it fixed later.

However, there may be damage hidden below. The car’s frame could have sustained serious damage and although you can’t see it, this is an issue that must be addressed immediately. But how can an untrained eye determine the presence and extent of frame damage?

How to tell if your car has frame damage

The first sign to look in determining whether or not your car’s frame is bent is its inability to drive in a straight line. If the damage sustained is located on the side of your car, you might have trouble keeping the car between the lines.

The frame is designed to keep the front and back of a car in a straight line and the steering base even. But a bent frame can knock the back and front out of alignment. If you’re driving down the road and the view in the rearview mirror shows the back of the car tracking in a crooked line, the frame is compromised. Steering the car can also be tricky. You might have to pull hard on the wheel to turn and keep an iron grip just to keep the car going the direction you want it to.

Bent hood and doors

A bent frame can also affect the ability to open and close the trunk, doors, or hood. The car’s frame is the foundation upon which the rest of the vehicle is built and a damaged foundation impacts everything else.

After an accident, do you have to slam the trunk or hood in order to close them properly? Are there gaps between the car’s body and edges of the trunk lid, doors or hood? These are classic signs of a bent frame.

Safety first

A door or hood that doesn’t securely latch is of course a potentially serious safety hazard. A hood that suddenly hurls open while driving at highway speed could cause a terrible accident. Of similar concern is a door unexpectedly opening and endangering yourself or passengers.

Trust highly trained and experienced auto body technicians to evaluate your car’s damage and get you safely back on the road.